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Message from the Founder
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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to network and participate in numerous industry events in support of the private education community.
As a private educator, initially in private piano studies teaching students between the ages of four to thirteen years old, and furthering my accreditation to include the Montessori method of education within the last decade, I have inevitably noticed emerging innovations occurring in the market. Throughout my pedagogical practice, I am fortunate to have been able to connect with hundreds of parents and students while responding to their growing academic needs.

The idea of facilitating private education is significant because there are countless ways that subject specialists and pedagogical professionals can design platforms or new approaches to tailor and deliver their knowledge to specific audiences. The continuous creation of private programs, delivery models, and education entrepreneurship projects are opening doors to unique opportunities for students and educators alike.

The purpose of this publication is to highlight established and emerging platforms in private education including schools and extracurricular markets in the form of tutoring or specialized programming. This publication is positioned to identify and discuss the increasing demand for private academic options, role of educational platforms, and those who lead them, such as founders, owners, and education entrepreneurs.

As we expand our network, we are also bringing together a network that is truly invested in the sector.

Ankie Yip, BA Hons, MEd, TMI I & II
Founder, The Education Executive

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